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Karli Scelzi - Ellensburg, WA

Products Used:  GastroPlus • LKS Fierce Competition Muscle mass Bleeder breather • LKS Advantage Bleeder Breather • LKS Farrier Formula • Special Blends

"From starting my horses on these supplements I made my fastest runs on both of my barrel horses in just a few months of using the supplements. I constantly get compliments on how my horses look with muscle mass, their shinny coats and how well they perform. These supplements have completely transformed my horses to their best selves." 

Josey Shannon - Ellensburg, WA

Products Used: Custom Formulas • Calming Cookies • Muscle Mass Special Blends

"After starting my breakaway and goat horses on Jones Equine Supplements I noticed huge change with all of them, they no longer get sore after an intense practice or long weekend on the road and look better than ever. I constantly get compliments on how they're working and even get asked if I’ve gotten got a new goat horse, the calming cookies work that good! With the time I have had my horses on these supplements I’ve won amateur rodeos, high school rodeos, set new personal records and have never felt more confident with my horse power."

Scott Fischer - Ottis Orchards, WA

Products Used:

Scott Fischer has joined the Jones Equine Health & Consulting Sponsorship program. 

Tommie Hoyecki - Dayton, WA

Products Used: Muscle Mass • LKS Fierce Advantage Bleeder Breather • LKS Custom Blend• LKS Moody Mare GI Support.

"I was having trouble with my barrel horse being sore and not working. Amanda approached me about this new product she was becoming apart of and asked me if I'd like to try it. I said yes and boy am I glad I did. After just two weeks of my horse being on LKS products I noticed a huge difference. The shine came back to his coat, he was no longer body sore, I took him to a college rodeo and he was back to his wining way again. I went from injecting my barrel horse two times a year to now he hasn't been injected in over a year. I also, put my head/breakaway horse on LKS products, he was a very hard keeper and I can honestly say he's not anymore. He is 17 and has never looked or felt as good as he does now. He feels strong and wants to work every time I back into the corner. I constantly am getting compliments on how well my horses look, their attitude and how well they are performing. My horses are eager to do their jobs and have the fire/will to win back in them. Since being on these products I have won or placed at numerous rodeos and jackpots on both my horses. I am a firm believer in the LKS products and will always keep my horses on them. I use the Muscle Mass, LKS Fierce Advantage Bleeder Breather, LKS Custom Blend and LKS Moody Mare GI Support. Knowing I have my horses on the best product on the market and being able to see results is truly amazing. I can't thank Amanda enough for introducing me to these products and allowing me to be apart of this awesome experience. I owe a lot of success to Jones Equine and LKS Supplements." 

Chance Gleave

Products Used:

We are welcoming Chance Gleave to our Jones Equine sponsor team. This guy is an athlete and such a great person! We are excited to partner up with him for his horse health!

Wade Bruemmer

Products Used:

Welcome Wade Bruemmer to our Jones Equine Health team. He is a tough competitor and has a great future ahead of him. We are grateful to team up and help his horses feel great!

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